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  We are the original & longest running private on-premise social club in Portland Oregon. We pride ourselves on customer service and providing a safe clean facility to explore your fantasies.

Our clubs educate and rules give us the ability to relax and truly enjoy the company of others. Many people have made lifetime memories and friendships here. Rather this is your first time; or if you have been in the life style for many years this maybe the place for you. Come join us and others from all over the United States to celebrate life.   

Feel free to email us.. E-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


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Hello ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the Velvet Rope


While we encourage everyone to fulfill their own personal fantasies, we insist that members do not ruin other’s fantasies in the process. Our club policies are founded on good manners and common sense: Participation Is Not Mandatory, Ask Before You Touch, Ask Only Once, NO means NO and treat everyone with dignity. Failure to demonstrate responsible and good manners will result in your removal from the club.

Membership is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse memberships based on several criteria. Your membership will be denied and/or revoked if your conduct and or overall appearance are not suited for the club. This policy allows us more discretion in recruiting and retaining members that are both clean and respectful. The Velvet Rope Social Club never discriminates against: age, ethnicity, gender/sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or religion. We encourage people of all kinds to help make The Velvet Rope an amazing club to be a member of.

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